Who’s Who at the Festival of Nature? Really Reptile Roadshow

The Really Reptile Roadshow is coming to Bristol Festival of Nature for another year. We found out what cold blooded critters they’ll be bringing along…

What do does the Really Reptile Roadshow do?

“The Really Reptile Roadshow’s events are dedicated to reptiles. This is a captivating, educational and unique hands-on workshop for everybody, enabling all age groups and abilities to interact with the fascinating life of cold blood.”

What are you bringing to this year’s festival?

“This year we are back and you can compare size to last year with our mainland species. Learn about life in cold blood, special emphasis will be on our very own native species- The Adder.”

What will amaze visitors?

“Kids love live animals – it’s what they want! Our very own stars of the show will be available for a ‘hands-on’ workshop.”

Learn all about reptiles at the Really Reptile Roadshow’s Facebook page.