Who’s Who At The Festival? Bristol Museum & Art Gallery

We’re very excited to announce the return of Bristol Museum & Art Gallery at the Bristol Festival of Nature! They gave us a sneak peak of the natural wonders you can expect to see in their tent…

What does Bristol Museum & Art Gallery do?

“We care for the millions of amazing objects in the collections, from butterflies to dinosaurs, from beautiful pictures to Egyptian mummies. A hugely important part of our job is helping visitors understand the importance of natural science and why we collect and care for our specimens.”

What are you bringing to the Festival?

“We are bringing our pliosaur skull model – a 1.8m reconstruction of an amazing Jurassic marine reptile, unique taxidermy specimens, beautiful damselflies and dragonflies, hands on activities for all ages including Curator Corner and experts from the museum.”

What activities will visitors be amazed by?

“The opportunity to become a ‘Jurassic Detective’ and come face to face with a life size reconstructed skull of the Jurassic marine reptile Pliosaurus – but why was this beast so grumpy? Come and discover for yourself!”

Have a look at the Bristol Museum & Art Gallery website to find out more!