What’s My Fossil?

Join experts from Milner Centre for Evolution at the University of Bath and BRLSI for Festival of Nature’s first ever Jurassic Road Show!

Families from across Bath are invited to empty their closets and lofts and bring along their favourite fossils at Bath Festival of Nature in Parade Gardens, which is a free event from 11:00 – 18:00 on Sunday, June 25th. Whether it has been found on the beach or bought as a gift, our experts will attempt to identify them, say interesting things about them, and place them on a timeline stretching back millions of years across time.

There will also be plenty of showcase fossils on-site to explore, including some beautiful fossil ferns found in Radstock, some Mosasaur teeth (see below for images), and specimens from a favourite Bath venue, Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution.

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Iridescent ammonoid

More about the experts.

Jean van den Elsen: is a Professor in the Department of Biology & Biochemistry at the University of Bath. Although currently working as a Biochemist at Bath, he studied the fossils from the Carboniferous and Late Cretaceous periods during his university degree and worked at the Museum of Natural History in Maastricht (The Netherlands). He has a keen interest in collecting and characterising local (Somerset) fossils.

Matthew Wills: is a Professor in the Milner Centre for Evolution, University of Bath. His research interests lie in understanding “Macroevolutionary” (long-term) trends and patterns in how plants and animals gain increasing complexity and diversity over evolutionary time.

Matthew Williams: has an MSc in Paleobiology from the University of Bristol, and is curator at Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution where he is responsible for the maintenance and promotion of the BRLSI’s museum, library, and archive collections.

Eremiasaurus heterodon