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VWV Helps Natural History Consortium Celebrate Milestone of Partnership

Specialist charity law firm VWV has been supporting Bristol Natural History Consortium bring their governance arrangements up to date as the Consortium celebrates 15 years of partnership, and 10 years of charitable status.

The Natural History Consortium is a collaboration of 13 local and national organisations, including the region’s Universities and Councils, natural history power players such as BBC, National Trust, Avon Wildlife Trust and Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust, and key policy organisations with strong links to the City of Bristol including Defra and Natural England.

The partners work together on public programmes such as the region’s well-loved Festival of Nature, as well as industry leading events including the UK’s conference for environmental communicators.

Such a diverse group relies on having the right governance arrangements in place to work together.  The Consortium has been supported by VWV Partner and Head of Charities, Con Alexander, on a pro bono basis since its inception, helping to achieve charitable status and put in place a governance structure that would ensure that all organisations brought their strengths to the table.

Ten years later, the Consortium partners are celebrating their milestone year with a range of special events, and a review of their governance arrangements.  VWV are supporting the review, again on a pro bono basis.

Con Alexander commented:

“Having worked with Savita and the Consortium for many years, we have a good understanding of what makes it work as a collaborative venture and it is a pleasure to be able to use our specialist experience as charity lawyers to continue to support the Consortium, particularly given its contribution to the environment and the City of Bristol.”

Savita Willmott, Chief Executive of Bristol Natural History Consortium said:

“Con has been my ‘go to’ charity adviser for many years and I rely on his knowledge of BNHC and expertise in the charity sector. I also have the reassurance of a very capable and specialist team of charity lawyers supporting him.”

Celebrations for BNHC’s milestone anniversary commence in April, with the region’s first City Nature Challenge.