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Three Brooks BioBlitz discovers 617 species in Bradley Stoke

Around 300 members of the public and 200 schoolchildren joined expert naturalists, scientists and volunteers in a real life scientific survey of the wildlife of Bradley Stoke this weekend. Exploring the beautiful Three Brooks Local Nature Reserve that is sandwiched between the M4 motorway and local housing estates, the crowds managed to discover and record 617 species in just 30 hours, with more species still to be properly identified.

Chairman of South Gloucestershire Council, Cllr. Howard Gawler came along to announce the final species count and congratulate the volunteers on their contribution to our knowledge about this amazing site.

All of the species we found were documented as biological records and are now being entered into local databases where they will be verified and stored for posterity. This snapshot of the wildlife found here can be used to influence the management and conservation work that takes place on the site. Check out the BioBlitz data centre below to see what we found (please note – this data is yet to be officially verified).

Thanks to Three Brooks Nature Conservation Group for hosting the BioBlitz and to South Gloucestershire Council and the British Ecological Society for funding the event. Thanks also to Bristol Regional Biological Records Centre for managing the species data.