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Support the Festival of Nature – A Marathon Task

Stu is running the London Marathon to help raise money for Festival of Nature 2018 and to make sure this year’s festival is the biggest and best yet!

You can sponsor him by clicking here

To get him fighting (running) fit in time for April 22nd we challenged Stu to run in circles around all of Bristol’s 99 parks, here is how his training has been going so far…

“Much like a swallow, I’ve been heading south for the winter. Unlike a swallow, it’s been to Bedminster and Southville, which no matter how much you can try to imagine… are still freezing in January and February. Lucky swallows. Living in Horfield I thought the best place to start would be to bite the bullet and start at the opposite end of town. So far I’ve ticked off lots of parks from my list (Grenville, Victoria, Perrett’s, South Street, Dame Emily, Gore’s Marsh, St James, to name a few).

My longest run to date has been 11 miles around the Downs, and although I got to see some awesome birds, flowers and my first butterfly of the year(I think it was a Grayling?) – it totally destroyed me (the run that is, not the butterfly).

I’m running to support Festival of Nature as it’s my favourite event of the Bristol calendar and an amazing place to find out about the awesome wildlife organisations which are involved with keeping Bristol as wildlife friendly and green as possible. It’s completely unique, I think it’s a super important event in engaging people with the natural world. So, please donate and give what you can!”

Festival of Nature helps residents of Bristol and Bath to engage with the natural world through fun, educational and most importantly free activities which are designed to get people to think and act for the natural world around them. Each year 20,000 people benefit from the amazing educational activities of the Festival of Nature which empower people to better understand how nature impacts our lives, health, and wellbeing.

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