Ten things to discover at the UWE marquee


The University of the West of England (UWE) marquee will be packed full of interactive displays and exhibits this weekend – here’s ten projects to get you interested and involved in cutting-edge research! Head to the Urban Jungle Zone in Millennium Square to find the marquee.

1.Forests of the Future

An installation depicting the imagined future of the ambitious re-wilding project. How will our enchanted forests look in the future?

Wander a forest made up of trees and life-size animals like wolves and bears that once roamed British forests, brought to life with projection mapping techology. You can also play interactive games and find out more about re-wilding, which aims to re-introduce these endangered species to the landscapes they once roamed.

2. Mountain chicken display

The Durrell Trust is bringing a presentation about its work preserving the critically endangered Mountain Chicken which is not in fact a bird but one of the largest frogs in the world.

3. Water City Bristol

Is there a river beneath your feet? Miles of waterways run under the ground in Bristol. Do you know where they go? Water City Bristol is an arts-based collaborative research project with an interest in the hidden aspects of water in the city: www.watercitybristol.org

4. Bubble Machine

Everyone loves bubbles but these particular bubbles also demonstrate maths principles! Come and have a play.

5. Energy bikes

Get on an energy bike and find out how much energy it takes to cycle for one minute or see how many lamps your pedalling can light.

6. ParkHive

Find out how to use the ParkHive app to discover green spaces near you and check out some of the beautiful photos taken by ParkHive users in Bristol parks over the past year: www.bristolparkhive.com

7. DRY: Drought Risk and You

While floods are very visible in their impacts on people and rivers, drought and water scarcity are hidden and more pervasive hazards. This display explores different aspects of the impact of droughts and water scarcity on both people and environment and offers a chance to get involved in the DRY project by contributing your stories of drought and water use:  dryproject.co.uk/

8. Soil & Biodiversity for the Future

Find out how essential soils are for the planet and discover how different soil contents impact on greenhouse gas production

9. Big Screen films

Look out for films by SciComms  and MA Wildlife Filmmaking course students popping up on the Big Screen

10. Children’s University

Is your little one part of the Children’s University? If so the bring them along to have their learning accredited and their CU passport stamped!