Resources from Changing Minds: City Nature Challenge UK

City Nature Challenge is an epic, global citizen science project to collect information about our local wildlife. In 2020 ten UK cities collaborated with 200+ cities across the world to find and record as much wildlife as possible. On Friday 29th January 100 City Nature Challenge organisers and biological recorders from across the UK joined together to discuss how the UK might link up to make the most out of City Nature Challenge in 2021.

Below are resources and recordings which came out of the afternoon

‘Where are the records going?’ Data Pathways


Giselle Sterry, NBN

Ben Deed, Merseyside BioBank

Andy Slater, Ecorecord

Programming: More than a marketing campaign


Rob Eveleigh, Brightelm

Lucy Bartlett, BathscapeView Lucy’s slides here

Download a PDF of the Padlet exercise

Marketing: The national picture

Helen Bell, Greenhouse PRView Helen’s slides here

Download a PDF of the Padlet exercise