BioBlitz Research

As part of the NHC’s work facilitating the National BioBlitz Network in the UK, we have supported a number of MSc research projects using BioBlitz as a case study as well as conducting our own research and evaluation of BioBlitz and related formats for public engagement in biological recording.

European Citizen Science Association

We cochair the ECSA BioBlitz Working Group, connecting people, communities, and organisations involved and interested in the organisation of BioBlitz events, to facilitate the sharing of good practice and to build capacity for this type of event across Europe.


We are members of the Advisory Group for the LEARN CitSci project, an international partnership bringing together citizen science practitioners and educational researchers from six organisations in the UK and the US. Together we are studying what impact citizen science projects have on the young people that take part in them.

Matthew Postles & Madeleine Bartlett (2018) The rise of BioBlitz: Evaluating a popular event format for public engagement and wildlife recording in the United Kingdom, Applied Environmental Education & Communication, 17:4, 365-379, DOI: 10.1080/1533015X.2018.1427010