Micheal Benton

Festival of Nature 2019 includes a special series on nature writing. We’ve asked 5 different writers to join us at 4 feature events in Bristol to share their work, their upcoming projects, and to help us explore the nation’s ongoing love for nature writing.

Ahead of his talk on Thursday 6th June we caught up with to Micheal Benton, University of Bristol Professor, Paleontologist, and author of Dinosaurs Rediscovered.

What inspired your love of nature?

Mountains, lakes and coasts are more impressive than anything you see in a city.

What’s your top tip for enjoying nature this summer?

Get well away from cities, roads and cars.

What will people learn at your event?

How we study the life of the past; how palaeontologists know about how dinosaurs fed, ran, had babies, grew, and even what colour they were.

What’s your favourite nature fact?

Many animals can see colours we can’t.

Where is your favourite place to enjoy the natural world?

The Cairngorm Mountains, near Aberdeen, where I was born.

Professor Michael Benton’s talk will take place at The Station on Thursday 6th June 2019.

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