Meet TV wildlife heroes at the BBC Natural History Unit marquee

BBC Natural History Unit marquee

Bristol Festival of Nature June 11 & 12

Head to the BBC Natural History Unit marquee in the Urban Jungle zone in Millenium Square to catch wildlife TV celebrities giving talks and running activities.

The One Show’s Mike Dilger will be presenting a talk with the Hawk and Owl Trust, while Springwatch‘s Lindsey Chapman is dropping in on a whistle-stop tour in between filming the current series. You can also catch children’s TV celebrities including Ferne Corrigan from Cbeebies’ My Pet and Me; Naomi Wilkinson from Naomi’s Nightmares of Nature Tim Warwood from Wild and Weird (CBBC) and Jess French from Mini Beast Adventure with Jess (Cbeebies).

Have a go at co-presenting with the celebrities, using the ever-popular Adventure Screen to travel around the world from urban to Bornean jungles, swimming with sharks and walking with polar bears.

You can also try out wildlife film kit including thermal, high speed and macro cameras and go dinosaur-spotting with virtual reality goggles!

In the wildlife garden area children will be able to dig through a ‘compost heap’ and see if they can identify the animals they find, as well as exploring a giant bug hotel to discover the types of animals that make them their home.

BBC Natural HIstory Unit schedule

Saturday, June 11

10 – 1pm Ferne Corrigan (CBeebies)

12.30pm – 3pm Lindsey Chapman (Springwatch, Blue Peter)

3pm – 6pm Jess French (CBeebies)


Sunday, June 12

10 – 1pm Mike Dilger (The One Show) with the Hawk and Owl Trust

1pm – 3pm Naomi Wilkinson  (Naomi’s Nightmares of Nature)

2.30pm – 5pm Tim Warwood (CBBC’s Wild and Weird)