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Jonnie Hughes

Join Festival of Nature and Jonnie Hughes on Thursday 6th June for an evening discussion on How to Save the World with Netflix (and Sir David Attenborough!)

Ahead of this event we caught up with Jonnie, Director and Producer, Silverback Films to find out more about his connections with the natural world!

What inspired your love of nature?

​Like many in Bristol, I was first channelled down my career path by Sir David!  I remember distinctly watching him at the age of 8 or 9 with my mum and dad – must have been Life on Earth – and wanting to be him.  It’s quite incredible that all these years later, he is still having as big an impact on another generation.

What’s your top tip for enjoying nature this summer?  ​

We have amongst the finest rocky shores on Earth, so I would head to my nearest sea cliffs and get down on my knees, get out a magnifying glass (or a macro add-on for my phone) and take a closer look at the myriad tiny animals that call this place home.  And it is an animal wonderland – one of the very few ecosystems that is dominated by animals rather than plants.

What will people learn at your event?  ​

The Our Planet project – a Netflix/Silverback/WWF production – is a huge, cross-media effort to transform the way the global public understands the Earth and our species’ choices for the immediate future.  In this talk, I’ll give the audience an insider’s view of the thinking behind the project – a recipe for not only how to save our planet, but also how to let everyone know how to save our planet.

What’s your favourite nature fact?

Not sure about favourite, but the most impactful I’ve heard recently is that 96% of the mass of mammals on Earth are now either ourselves or the animals we raise to eat.  The other 4% contains all the wild mammals out there from mice to deer to whales.  Hard to believe, and terrifying to hear.

Where is your favourite place to enjoy the natural world?

In Britain, the rocky shore, as above – and for a sample of our rocky shore on steroids, try Bass Rock off East Scotland.  But if you’re talking globally, it’s hard to beat Svalbard – the islands north of Norway in the Arctic Circle.  We filmed polar bears, seals, guillemots and little auks there.  It’s the most remarkable wilderness (as long as you have the right clothing).

How to Save the World with Netflix (and Sir David Attenborough!) will take place at RPS House, 337 Paintworks on Thursday 6 June 2019.

Spaces are selling fast, to avoid disappointment click here to book your ticket