Volunteers for Resources Award

Winner: Bristol Wood Recycling Project

Runner up: Bristol Re-use

Runner up: Baby Bank Network

Volunteers for Transport Award

Winner: Hilary Cooling - Life Cycle UK

Runner up: Neal Alldred - Bristol City Council

Runner up: Michael Pearce - Sustrans

Volunteers for Energy Award

Winner: C.H.E.E.S.E.

Runner up: African Voices Forum

Runner up: Vicky Wakefield - Energy Champions

Volunteers for Nature Award

Winner: Friends of Badock's Wood

Runner up: Stoke Park Litter Picking Group

Runner up: My Wild City

Volunteers for Food Award

Winner: Hungry Caterpillar Food Co-op

Runner up: Sally Roberts

Runner up: Chris Waller

Student Volunteer of the Year Award

Winners: Georgia Merrell and Thomas Haines

Runner up: Hannah Millman

Runner up: Lisa Tozer

Working Together Award

Winner: Jonny Wood

Runner up: Julz David

Runner up: Sahra Hassan

Inspiration Award

Winner: Pauline Getter

Runner up: Mike Simpson

Runner up: Joe McSorley

Spirit of 2015 Award

Winner: Leyth Hampshire

Runner up: Sally Roberts

Runner up: Hani SalihIt

It Doesn't Stop Here Award

Winner: Frances Robertson

Runner up: Susan Howe

Runner up: Mike Taylor and Martyn Sloper


Leptophyes punctatissima

Speckled Bush Cricket


Nuctenea umbratica

Walnut Orb-weaver

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Amara similata

Ground Bettle


Polygonia c-album

Common Butterfly