Find wildlife in the heart of Bath

(c) Kate Southall & Mark Eastment

(c) Kate Southall & Mark Eastment

Ahead of our nature walk this Saturday we caught up with David Goode, Bath’s own expert naturalist and author of Nature in Towns and Cities, to find out more about his plans for the stroll!

Royal Victoria park is in the centre of Bath, can we expect to find much wildlife there?

Although Royal Victoria Park lies right next to the Georgian town it has a host of wildlife because of the variety of habitats it contains.

What wildlife are you hoping to spot?

We can expect to see a great variety of birds including woodpeckers, nuthatch, and herons and there is always the possibility of kingfishers and sparrowhawks. There could well be bee orchids and there is a badger sett.

What should people do to encourage more wildlife in their gardens?

What to do to encourage wildlife in your garden: don’t use chemicals as pesticides or herbicides; provide lots of bushes as cover for birds; feed the birds; provide bird boxes; grow a variety of plants that provide flowers for nectar throughout the year and leave dead plants as long as possible in autumn before you clear them away.

The Nature Walk is part of the Bath Festival of Nature at Royal Victoria Gardens from 11-6 on Saturday 27th June. The walk is from 2-2.45pm and will leave promptly from the bandstand. You can reserve your place here and find out more about the variety of activities at the festival here.