Festival of Nature’s Collective Field Notebook

What is the Collective Field Notebook?

The Collective Field Notebook was produced following Festival of Nature’s summer riverside walk at Eastville Park in Bristol, immersing our creators in the lush environs of the River Frome.

Featuring creative activities including painting, drawing, writing and nature observation led by a collaboration of local artists and a wildlife expert, the sketches, words and paintings produced on the walk make up this Collective Notebook. It is a place for you to celebrate, record and cherish the nature around you, not only in Bristol and the River Frome, but throughout the UK and even the world.

How can I use the notebook?

We encourage you to keep the Collective Field Notebook going by adding your own thoughts, reflections and sketches to its pages during your moments out in nature and the natural world. What do you notice? How does it make you feel?

Add your words and drawings to this notebook digitally by downloading the PDF to your computer or phone here and annotate using the ‘Mark Up’ tool, or print off the notebook at home.

Producers: Festival of Nature and the Natural History Consortium

Walk leaders: Davina Quinlivan, Dee Moxon, Dan Rouse

Contributors: Pip, Abby, Chris, Zoe, Hannah, Ursula

This project was made possible by Literature Works.