Volunteer FAQs

When can I sign up? – Join our volunteers mailing list to get notifications of when we open volunteer registration for the festival and other great opportunities to volunteer with the NHC.

What if I have to cancel? – We have an online shift management system to help you arrange which days you’ll volunteer with us. Give us as much notice as you can by visiting the shift management system and cancelling online so someone else can fill your space. If it’s last minute – give us a call to let us know – 0117 925 3931.

I haven’t heard from the team since I registered. Don’t you want me? – More often than not this means that our emails are being redirected to your junk folder. Check your junk folder for emails from festival@bnhc.org.uk and follow the links below to find out how to add this email address to your ‘safe senders’ list. Note that the registration process DOES NOT generate an email confirmation so don’t go looking for one.

Still worried? Contact us in the office – 0117 925 3931

Do you pay travel expenses? – We offer volunteer travel expenses in the form of an enabling fund – a portion of our budget that is held in reserve to cover travel expenses on request to the value of one day pass bus ticket within Bristol/Bath per event. If you are happy and able to cover your own travel costs as an additional donation to the charity then you don’t have to claim if you don’t want to (every little helps!).

Is lunch provided? – For the larger events we provide basic refreshments – teas, coffees, biscuits, snacks, etc. but at smaller events this can be really difficult as we often have very limited infrastructure. For all of the events we recommend bringing a packed lunch and a few snacks to keep you going and definitely bring a water bottle! We will have a fill up point.

I am moving to Outer Mongolia to live in a yurt, grow a beard and find myself so can no longer volunteer at all. What do I do? – Simply let us know by email, good luck and watch out for yaks!

Any other questions – contact our volunteers coordinator Matt – festival@bnhc.org.uk