10th June 2021

We can't believe it's already Day 6 of #FestOfNature21 and once again we have an exciting lineup of interviews, live chats and activities to help you connect to nature and discover how your everyday actions can support nature's recovery.

10:00 - Voices For Nature Podcast: Breaking into Geoscience - Listen on Spotify | Anchor

Today, Kitty is joined by Dr Hazel Beaumont to discuss the wonderful world of geoscience and the myriad of career options that are open to the budding geoscientists of the future

10:30 - Flourishing in St Paul's - Watch on Youtube or

We catch up with Judit Davis to hear about her amazing initiative Flourishing in St Pauls, bringing community gardening to life in this part of Bristol.

11:00 - Conversation in Nature - Watch on Youtube or

Check out this Conversation in Nature from Grassroots Communities, as they speak to John, the caretaker at Withywood

11:30 - Welcome from Steve England - Watch on Youtube or

It's time to meet Steve England, award-winning wildlife educator, conservationist and horticulturalist from Bristol, who encourages you to check out the Festival of Nature and get outdoors.

12:00 - Voices For Nature Podcast: Take Less - Listen on Spotify | Anchor

Hear from experts and researchers on how small ways of taking a little less can massively reduce our personal impact on the natural world by cutting down waste and consumption

12:30 - Putting up a nest box with the Avon Wildlife Trust - Watch on Youtube or

Want to tempt Autumn feathered visitors into your garden with a nest box? But not sure what style to chose or where to place it? This step-by step video has all the answers.

1:00 - Castle Park as An Island of Discovery - Download the audio trail and map

We are going on a journey of discovery around Castle Park. At each stop along the way a research student from the University of Bristol's Cabot Institute will invite you to explore their research around nature and climate change and respond to a question.

1:30 - Chickens or Dickens: round 4 - Watch on Facebook | | Youtube

Is it a Dickens character or is it a breed of chicken? That's the question that Bushra Abu-Helil will asking you in this short Q&A. Bushra will be on hand everyday throughout the festival with a new bird brained teaser!

2:00 - Live with Dave Bell, Natural England - Put your questions to Dave on Facebook or Youtube

Join this discussion with Dave Bell, Principal Adviser: Health, Wellbeing & the Environment to find out more about Natural England's Connecting People with Nature Programme

2:30 - Alive Activities at Lawrence Weston Community Garden - Watch on Youtube or

We hear from Dave, who is here to talk about the importance of pollinators and why we should look after them, in another video from Alive Activities

3:00 - Growing Food with Bristol City Council's Parks Team - Watch on Facebook | | Youtube

Discover how Bristol City Council’s Parks Team have been helping local food growing and supporting food clubs across the city. In this short film, we’ll meet some of the team responsible for sharing over 10,000 plants with 50 local groups that are helping to grow food for those in need.

4:00 - Giving Rivers a Voice - Watch on Facebook | | Youtube

Our rivers are vital for us and our wildlife, but they are under huge amounts of pressure. In this fascinating film, we’ll be meeting Darren and Eva, researchers from the University of the West of England, who are championing the importance of rivers and doing critical work to measure the health of our rivers.

5:00 - Steppin Sistas - Watch on Facebook | | Youtube

Hear from Sophie Brown, founder of Bristol Steppin Sistas, the walking group for women of colour founded in April 2021

6:00 - Show and Tell Nature: Nothing is waste - Watch on Facebook | | Youtube

Challenging the idea that litter and scraps are ugly, the team will race to produce greeting cards for one lucky audience member against the clock, using only offcuts, waste and a little creativity. 

7:00 - Averys Virtual Tasting – Return to Nature with Wine Making – Sold out

Join Frank and Louise from the Averys Events Team for a discussion on all things organic, biodynamic and sustainable in wine making. We’ll explore how vine growers and wine makers are returning to nature for purer and more expressive styles of wine, and look at how we the consumer can buy with more confidence on selecting wines that are better for the environment and ourselves.

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