There’s something for everybody at the Workshop Tent | Festival of Nature’s Wild Weekend 2023

Festival of Nature's Workshop Tent at Wild Weekend 2023 is a great way to get involved in some exciting, interactive experiences about the natural world. Each workshop is drop-in, so there's no need to book - simply turn up and have fun!

Saturday 17th June

The Discovery Lab

10am – 4pm (with walk around performances happening across Millennium Square)

The Discovery Lab is a spaceship, and home to travelling aliens currently on an earth exploration mission.  Don't worry, they come in peace. The aliens are perpetually in search of new discoveries, because it's discoveries that power their spaceship. Without that, they're stuck. And they don't like staying in one place for too long.

They're keen to make discoveries with you, the Earth Experts. So pop along to their pop-up lab to investigate, explore, think and discover!

The Discovery Lab is a blend of improvised theatre and in-role hands-on science facilitation. It's ideal for families with children aged 6+. Photo credit - Dougie Allward/Studio Duo.

Sunday 18th June

Have a splash! Sunday is all about the wonderful world of water. Join one of these 4 great workshops happening throughout the day on Sunday 18th June at Festival of Nature's Wild Weekend 2023.

Bristol Aquarium

10 – 11am

Join an interactive and educational workshop to teach children (and their adults), about the breakdown of plastic and how it is affecting our oceans! Learn about how you can be an ocean hero and find out the importance of looking after our waters, and the wonders that call it their home.

Carnival of the Sea

11 – 12:30pm

Come and join Acting Out on an incredible underwater drama adventure workshop. Join some aquatic drama games and help you to create and develop your own sea creature character.

With help from Bristol Art Junkie you will have a costume and face-paint to bring your sea creature to life and join us in ‘Carnival of the sea’ procession around Millennium Square!

Fish Puppets!

1 – 3pm

Get your arts and craft skills going and make your very own fish puppet!

It’s only water…

3pm – 4pm & 4pm – 5pm

We are all familiar with water; we see it every day. But in this interactive show we help you dive a little deeper, to think about what water is made from and all the amazing things it can do.

From absorbing water effectively, to dissolving chemicals in it, you can squash, freeze and heat water to do all sorts of things. Its properties really are extraordinary.’

Find out more about Festival of Nature 9th - 18th June 2023.