We are back for Day 2 Festival of Nature 2021 and today is all about nature writing! We have a great lineup of live chats and workshops with awesome authors so log on and put your questions to them. There is still time to grab a free ticket to this afternoons Zoom workshops so check out the events page or follow the links below!

Explore the programme of content being released today and find out where to head. Of course, if you're feeling inspired by any of the videos, podcasts, workshops or live streams make sure to head to our Actions Hub for inspiration on how to Take Action For Nature!

09:30 - Chickens or Dickens - Watch on Facebook | | Youtube

Is it a Dickens character or is it a breed of chicken? That's the question that Bushra Abu-Helil will asking you in this short Q&A. Bushra will be on hand everyday throughout the festival with a new bird brained teaser!

10:00 - Prehistoric Bristol, what did it look like? - A discussion with Jack Lovegrove - Watch on Facebook | | Youtube

Dinosaurs, floods and tropical islands, sounds just like Bristol right? Join Jack Lovegrove of the University of Bristol for an exploration of how research has suggested that Bristol used to be home to the earliest dinosaurs

11:00 - Frozen In Time - Live Q&A with Rhys Charles - Put your questions to Rhys on Facebook or Youtube

Join fossil hunter and dinosaur enthusiast Rhys Charles for a dive into the world of British fossils, as we discover where can we find fossils in the UK and how to responsibly go looking!

12:00 - The Joy of Making with Alom Shaha - Join in on Facebook or Youtube

Join science teacher, writer and film maker Alom Shaha to explore the joy of making. Get creative as Alom shows you how to make a machine using just two sheets of paper and sticky tape!

1:00 - The Genesis Quest : In Conversation with Michael Marshall - Put your questions to Michael on Facebook or Youtube

What happened over 3.5 billion years ago to turn a dead ball of wet volcanic rock into a thriving biosphere? What did the first living thing look like, what was it made of, and how did it form? Join author Michael Marshall to delve into the journey humankind has taken to uncover the origins of life on Earth. In this live event, you will have the chance to hear from the speaker and ask your own questions in the live chat.

2:00 - WHERE? : In Conversation with Simon Moreton - Book one of the last few free spaces

Simon will be chatting to us about his new book ‘WHERE?’, a memoir exploring life and death in the Shropshire Hills that combines prose, illustration, photos, archival texts. About the book In 2017, Simon Moreton’s father fell suddenly ill and died. His death sent the author back to his childhood home in rural Shropshire to process his grief by revisiting his family’s time as transplants to the countryside. WHERE? weaves a gentle story that slips and slides in time and geography, creating connections across places, histories, families, times, and circumstance all to answer the question – ‘where are you from?’ To order your copy of the book visit:

3:00 - Draw Along with Lauren Cook - Draw along with Lauren on Facebook or Youtube

Grab your colouring pencils and a sheet of paper as we get creative with PhD student and wildlife artist Lauren Cook. Learn how to draw a red fox with Lauren and discover more about the wonderful lives of our urban neighbours. To take part, you will need: a sheet of paper, an eraser and colouring pencils

4:00 - The Screaming Sky : In Conversation with Charles Foster & Jonathan Pomroy - Put your questions to Charles on Facebook or Youtube

Join the Festival of Nature 2021 as we present a discussion with Charles Foster, author of "The Screaming Sky" and artist Jonathan Pomroy. Common swifts – a numerous but profoundly un-common bird – are Charles Foster’s joy and obsession. Join Charles and illustrator Simon to discuss Charles' new book The Screaming Sky, with a live illustration of a swift as part of the event. In this short live event, you will have the chance to hear from both speakers and ask your own questions in the live chat.

5:00 - Dreaming the Bear - Book one of the last few free spaces

Dr Mimi Thebo is the author of Dreaming the Bear: a multi-Carnegie Medal nominated writer and the Programme Director for the University of Bristol’s Masters in Creative Writing. Her writing looks at recovery from trauma and our connection to the natural world and other species.

In this workshop, Mimi Thebo takes you through simple writing exercises that take you step by step on a journey of the imagination from your human experience to considering life as another animal. All you need is pencil and paper – no experience necessary.

6:00 - Show and Tell Nature: Simply the Pest - Watch on Facebook | | Youtube

Comedians will battle it out to win the audiences votes to save pests or send them to extinction. Competitors will go up against each other in a bout, arguing for the virtues of slugs , the evils of ants or perhaps the intelligence of pigeons, before a final showdown to decide on our champion pest lover or hater. Will our pests be saved or exterminated?

6:30 - Nature Camp: Queering Ecopoetry with Caleb Parkin - Book one of the last few spaces

#FestofNature21 presents an inclusive, queer-led writing workshop with Bristol City Poet 2020-22, Caleb Parkin! Try out some new routes to ecopoetry, invoking drag, camp humour and reading 'non serious texts' seriously.