We are back for Day 3 of Festival of Nature 2021 and today is all about Ecological Emergencies. We have a great lineup of live chats and workshops with awesome guests so log on and put your questions to them.

10:00 - Let's Get Buzzing with Paul Pearce - Listen on Spotify | Anchor

How can we maintain wild areas that promote habitats for our ever important pollinator species such as bees and butterflies? That's the question we're asking Paul Pearce of Bath & North East Somerset Council in today's episode

10:30 - Chickens or Dickens - Watch on Facebook | | Youtube

Is it a Dickens character or is it a breed of chicken? That's the question that Bushra Abu-Helil will asking you in this short Q&A. Bushra will be on hand everyday throughout the festival with a new bird brained teaser!

11:00 - University of Bristol's Botanic Gardens - Watch on Facebook | | Youtube

The stunning University of Bristol Botanic Garden is home to a whopping 4,500 plant species. Set in the luscious five-acre gardens, we’ll explore the remarkable relationship between flowers and pollinators, and discover Bristol's rare and threatened native plants with the help of experts Daniel Robert, Marc Holderied, and Nick Wray.

12:00 - Hydroponic Hijinks - Live Q&A with Katy Connor - Join in on Facebook or Youtube

What is hydroponics? Join artist Katy Connor to find out the fascinating questions being explored at Pervaside Media Studios in this walkthrough and Q&A.

1:00 - NAFSA – The Native American Food Sovereignty Alliance, Melanie Kirby - Watch on Facebook | | Youtube

We meet Melanie, here to tell her story about her involvement in the natural world working with bees an her work as an educator for the Institute of American Indian Arts

2:00 - Resilient People, Resilient Ecosystems in Smart Cities (RESPiRES) - Q&A with Ian Thornhill - Put your questions to Ian on Facebook or Youtube

Join Ian Thornhill of Bath Spa University for a look at the RESPiRES project, which explores how we can take advantage of natural spaces to promote sustainable smart cities!

3:00 - Fluttering Through History - Watch on Facebook | | Youtube

Over 700,000 wildlife specimens are held at Bristol Museum & Art, but the public only see a very small number on display. In this film we go on a special tour behind the scenes with Rhian Rowson, Natural History Curator to explore the butterfly collections in the museum. We also discover how you can help Bristol Regional Environmental Record Centre (BRERC) by reporting butterfly sightings!

3:30 - Penguins in a Warming World - Watch on Vimeo

Dr Jane Younger from the Milner Centre for Evolution, University of Bath: Penguins in a Warming World.

4:00 - Re-connecting People with Nature - Live discussion with Forestry England - Put your questions to Forestry England on Facebook or Youtube

4:30 - Bristol's Rainforest - Watch on Facebook | | Youtube

We go behind the scenes at Bristol Rainforest with Amrish Pandya to hear about his relationship with the natural world

5:00 - Bacteria biofilms and where to find them - Live Q&A with Johanna Ben Blee - Put your questions to Johanna on Facebook or Youtube

Let's take a dive into the microscopic world of bacteria with Johanna Benn-Blee at University of Bristol to discover how bacteria colonies communicate via electrical signalling. Can we make use of this incredible phenomenon?

5:30 - Ian Solomon Kawall Podcast - Listen on Spotify | Anchor

Ian Slomon Kawall - Hear from Ian Solomon Kawall for an insight of the values of nature through his project May Project Gardens -

6:00 - Show and Tell Nature: What's What - Watch on Facebook | | Youtube

Get involved in our fast-paced quiz show and learn about biomimicry – the plants and animals in nature which have inspired some of the things we use every day! Will you be a nature copy-cat pro, or have you still got a way to go?

6:30 - Greening Buildings - Book one of the last few spaces

This summer we head outdoors for three special blended broadcasts from Temple Church with Festival of NatureLandscape Institute and English Heritage. Join us outdoors (limited tickets available) or online and bring nature into your home with this special Temple Tales: Midsummer Nature series.

Bringing New Life to Ruins will look at projects which combine the conservation of historic buildings and structures with the introduction of nature. Featuring landscape designer, horticulturalist, writer and gardener Dan Pearson, Dutch Landscape Architect Eric-Jan PleijsterJohn Watkins Head of Gardens and Landscapes at English Heritage, Director of The Architecture Centre Anna Rutherford to explore the romantic and radical approaches to regenerating historic environments with nature.