12th June 2021

WOW! What a week! A huge thank you to everyone who joined us or participated in any of this year's Festival of Nature celebrations - we've enjoyed every minute of it.

For the final time, below is a round up of everything that happened on this final day for you to re-watch re-listen or re-live! your everyday actions can support nature's recovery.

Voices for Nature Zakiya McKenzie

Say hello to Zakiya McKenzie, Bristol based writer and one of the original Black & Green ambassadors. Check out Zakiya's writing for Forestry England here

Turning your taps on less can help nature - Read on the Blog section of the Festival of Nature website

There are many reasons to save water, and all of them environmental. In its simplest form, saving water will reduce your carbon footprint while leaving more water in nature to support wildlife. Find out more in this special guest blog written by Bristol Water.

Conversations in Nature: Catherine - College student, Totterdown

We're back with another Conversation in Nature from Grassroots Communities, as we meet Catherine, a college student at Totterdown

Keeping Leafy Greens Green: Reducing Wastage by Harnessing the Power of Light

An online lecture on reducing food waste by Tom Dobson

Meet a Giraffe Live Event with Bristol Zoo Gardens 

Meet the giraffes living at Wild Place – live! Ask questions to the Bristol Zoo Gardens’ keepers and learn more about these beautiful animals

Chickens or Dickens: round 7

Is it a Dickens character or is it a breed of chicken? That's the question that Bushra Abu-Helil will asking you for the final time in this short Q&A!

Studying Nature on a Green Campus - Live Q&A with Ralph Thomson

Join Bath Spa University's Dave Bell to discuss wildlife conservation and value of studying on a country campus with 'nature' all around us

Aisha Ali - a poem about grief and the sea - Read on the Blog section of the Festival of Nature website

Read this beautiful poem written by vocal artist, improviser, composer, inclusion and cultural producer Aisha Ali on the themes of processing grief and the natural world

A trip through Leigh Woods with the National Trust

With almost 800,000 visitors last year, Leigh Woods is one of Bristol’s most popular woodlands. We’ll be meeting with the National Trust Rangers who look after this much-loved site and discovering how we can help to protect our favourite woodlands.

Voices For Nature podcast: Davina Quinlivan - Listen on Spotify | Anchor

We're joined by Dr Davina Quinlivan, a lecturer in Film and Television at the University of Bristol. Davina has written on nature and migration, and today we discuss her first book Shalimar: Field Notes from the Map Maker's Daughter, which is on its way to being published

How to make an insect hotel with Avon Wildlife Trust

Learn how to make an insect hotel with Avon Wildlife Trust's step by step video guide

How Many Geese? Podcast (Festival of Nature special!) – Listen on Spotify

Investigating the best bits of nature Bill Oddie never talked about. Each episode also pits a host against a new species of animal to decide how many they could take in a fight. The show for nature lovers who recognise that failing to plan is planning to fail! So have a think: if it was you vs geese - how many geese?

Show and Tell Nature: Pimp my plant pot

The team will give you some scalable ideas about how anyone can contribute to biodiversity, no matter how big your space.  There will be a build-your-own planter demonstration, whilst also showing how bits from your recycling can be used instead, and which food offcuts can be cultivated at home.  

Actions For Nature Podcast: Give Back - Listen on Spotify | Anchor

Hear from volunteers on the benefits of lending a helping hand by volunteering or creating a space for nature.

We hope you enjoyed the Festival of Nature 2021 - you can watch back on most of the content by simply following #FestOfNature21 on socials. We’d love to hear your own nature connection stories so tag us using #InMyNature.

Visit the Festival of Nature Actions Hub to connect with nature in your neighbourhood and discover how your everyday actions can help with nature’s recovery.

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