11th June 2021

We can't believe that it's already the penultimate day of #FestOfNature21 - time flies when your having fun! We have an exciting lineup of interviews, live chats and activities to help you connect to nature and discover how your everyday actions can support nature's recovery.

10:00 - The Impact of Green Spaces on Health - Listen on Spotify | Anchor

Hear from Professor Danielle Sinnett about the importance of green infrastructure in our cities and how important it is for our health

10:30 -  Bristol Rainforest with Selby Larner - Watch on Youtube or

We go behind the scenes at Bristol Rainforest with Selby Larner to hear about her relationship with the natural world

11:00 - The Minerva Lecture: In Conversation with Dr Katherine Burgess and Professor Paul Stallard -  Watch on Facebook | | Youtube

Join Sean for a discussion with Dr Katherine Burgess and Professor Paul Stallard as they discuss the ways that the COVID-19 pandemic has made us think about health & wellbeing, and how our connection to the outdoors impacts this.

11:30 - Off The Record with Elise Harp - Watch on Facebook | | Youtube

OTR is a mental health social movement by and for young people aged 11-25 living in Bristol and South Gloucestershire. We hear from project leader Elsie Harp all about how OTR uses nature to support young people through their Nature Works programme.

12:00 - In Conversation with Amanda Craig from Natural England - Watch on Facebook | | Youtube

Join Natural History Consortium CEO Savita Willmott for a chat with Amanda Craig, Programme Director at Natural England for a discussion about the Connecting People with Nature Programme

1:00 - Mya Rose Craig -Birdgirl - Watch on Facebook | | Youtube

Join Sophie Grig, Senior Research and Advocacy Officer at Survival International (@survival) in discussion with @BirdgirlUK, Dr Mya-Rose Craig

1:30 - Voices for Nature - Henry Palmer - Watch on Facebook | | Youtube

Hear from Henry Palmer, discussing his nature story over the pandemic, from mint plants to air quality and back again

2:00 - Paul McGuinness BBC Wildlife Magazine - Watch on Facebook | | Youtube

What makes a great wildlife story? Hear from Paul McGuinness, Editor of BBC Wildlife Magazine as we discuss how stories are chosen and how the industry is changing as we see developments in the ecosystem of environmental communications.

2:30 - Chickens or Dickens: round 6 - Watch on Facebook | | Youtube

Is it a Dickens character or is it a breed of chicken? That's the question that Bushra Abu-Helil will asking you in this short Q&A. Bushra will be on hand everyday throughout the festival with a new bird brained teaser!

3:00 - Feeding Time at Wild Place Project - Watch on Facebook | | Youtube

It’s feeding time at Wild Place Project! We’ll be joining the tallest residents for lunch, meeting the troop of friendly lemur, and finding out about the vital conservation work taking place to protect these incredible animals in the wild.

3:30 - Black Seeds Network blog release

4:00 - Keeping up with the fastest animal on earth - Listen on Spotify | Anchor

Travelling at top speeds of over 300km/h, the peregrine falcon is one of the most powerful animals in the sky. But it is also an incredibly fragile species, and today we speak to Colin Knowles of the National Trust to talk about the threats facing these iconic birds and how we can best help them to thrive.

4:30 - Bristol Rainforest with Ash Kayser - Watch on Facebook | | Youtube

We go behind the scenes at Bristol Rainforest with Ash Kayser to hear about his relationship with the natural world

5:00 - Ways of Listening with Frances Mckenney - Listen on Spotify | Anchor

The Ways of Listening project began as a series of guided walks designed to introduce young people to the different ‘ways’ in which scientist, musicians and poets have developed for listening to birdsong. Today Frances Mackenney joins the Voices of Nature podcast to discuss the aims of the project and how we can improve our connections with the natural world.

5:30 - Keeping Leafy Greens Green: Reducing Wastage by Harnessing the Power of Light - Watch on Facebook | | Youtube

6:00 - Show and Tell Nature: Edible Neighbourhood - Watch on Facebook | | Youtube

Challenging the idea that litter and scraps are ugly, the team will race to produce greeting cards for one lucky audience member against the clock, using only offcuts, waste and a little creativity. 

6:30 - Actions For Nature Podcast: Demand more - Listen on Spotify | Anchor

Hear from elected officals and campaigners on how to lend your voice to encourage policy makers, businesses and institutions to be more nature friendly.

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