It's the end of Day 5 of #FestOfNature21 and today we are got lost in the woods for some tranquil time with the trees. Huge thanks to our amazing lineup of voices for nature with interviews, live chats and activities to celebrate woodlands and discover the healing power of trees. Below are links to everything which happened - if you missed anything the first time simply click on the titles.

Forest bathing | Immerse yourself in the woods

Stay connected to the forests remotely with this series of calming forest bathing videos, including 360 VR

Voices For Nature Podcast: Ross Kennerley of the Woodland Trust - Listen on Spotify | Anchor

Why trees are important for climate and their role in combating climate change

How to Make Your Garden More Dementia Friendly

Meet Guy, who works for Alive Activities. Today he's here to share the work that he and others have done to create dementia friendly community gardens over the past year. https://aliveactivities.org/

The Importance of Woodlands, Live with Ruth Hyde, Woodland Trust

Join this live discussion with Ruth Hyde of the Woodland Trust, as we discuss why woodlands are important and how you can find out more about wildlife and woodlands.

Rastafari - nature in religion

A short video about the relationship between the Rastafari faith and the Natural world by Ras Benji @jahbenjii featuring the spiritual home of the Rastafari movement in the UK, Fairfield house in Bath @houseofhismajesty

What is rewilding?

A video made by students at University of the West of England in Bristol trying to engage the community with rewilding as a way to halt the climate and ecological crisis. facebook.com/UWERewilding

Chickens or Dickens: round 3

Is it a Dickens character or is it a breed of chicken? That's the question that Bushra Abu-Helil will asking you in this short Q&A. Bushra will be on hand everyday throughout the festival with a new bird brained teaser!

Bristol Rainforest with Lize Bogusa

We go behind the scenes at Bristol Rainforest with Lize Bogusa to hear about their relationship with the natural world

Think Like a Tree workshop - (this was a live workshop not recorded)

By learning to access the wisdom of the forest we can live happier, healthier and more productive lives ourselves.

Alive Activities at Lawrence Weston Community Garden

We explored the Lawrence Weston Community Garden project with Abbie Sweet from Bristol based charity Alive providing a lifeline through the pandemic by helping communities connect with nature

Sustainable tree planting with Joe Middleton, Woodland Trust

Avoncliffe Wood is a unique site showcasing peaceful ancient woodland and new woodland creation. Discover how the Woodland Trust are looking after this enchanting site and trailing innovative technologies to plant trees in the most sustainable way.

How do forests improve our wellbeing?

Forests are places to seek adventure, make memories and find escape. For 100 years Forestry England have been looking after the nation's forests, so that they can take care of you.

Voices For Nature Podcast: Jane Craven of the Woodland Trust - Listen on Spotify | Anchor

Our trees and woodlands are under pressure form human activities, diseases and pests, so how can we help protect them? In this episode of the Voices of Nature we speak to Jane Craven of the Woodland Trust to discuss the importance of woodlands and we need to step up our protection of trees.

Nectar Nomad

A beautiful short film sharing the journey of self proclaimed Nectar Nomad Melanie Kirby.

Show and Tell Nature: Turf Wars

Is the grass always greener? We will be looking at the impact that fake grass is having on our gardens, ecosystems and entire planet. I bet you cannot guess how many plastic straws astro turf is equivalent too? time to come along and uncover the dirty secrets behind ‘clean grass’. Join afterwards for a Q+A with the team who put Turf Wars together!

The secret life of the forest: How the Bristol Zoological Society uses camera traps to save wildlife - Conservation unboxing lecture (not recorded)

Bristol Zoological Society conservationists use hidden, motion-activated cameras (called "camera traps") to take photos of wildlife in several of our projects. Camera traps are an amazing tool to help us study wildlife in ways that would not be possible only using human observers. Photos taken by camera traps can help us to understand the behaviour, abundance and distribution of many species in their natural habitats.

Temple Tales: Midsummer Nature Nights // The Restorative Power of Nature  (not recorded)

Can nature transform your body and mind? With an increasing body of research about the positive impact of nature on health, we explored the role that trees, woodlands and forests can play in supporting our mental health in this special live workshop.

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