End of Day 1 of Festival of Nature – Here’s what happened!

5th June 2021

Wow! What a fantastic opening day to the Festival of Nature celebrations - a huge thank you to everyone who took part. Below are links to everything which has happened so far, so if you missed anything the first time around you can watch (and share!) again.

Make sure to check back tomorrow as we have another full day of programmed content (including a few ticketed events - which you can still book a place on here)

World Environment Day 2021 - Watch back on Youtube

Today is World Environment Day, and we were delighted to be joined by Bristol City Councillor and Cabinet Member for Climate, Ecology, Waste and Energy, Nicola Beech and Thierry Lucas of the UN Environmental Programme. We discussed the ways in which Bristol is facing up to the ecological and climate emergency, and how the acting locally as well as globally will help us all combatting the major issues our planet faces. #GenerationRestoration

Down on Folly Farm with Avon Wildlife Trust - Watch back on Youtube

Be transported to the wildlife haven of Folly Farm, a tranquil Avon Wildlife Trust nature reserve set in the beautiful Chew Valley.

Artist Marian Hill - Beetle collage, live make along - Watch back on Youtube

Viewers got crafty with artist and illustrator Marian Hill in this live make along - creating some awesome looking beetle collages!

Welcoming Wildlife to Suburban Gardens with Jane & Sally - Watch back on Youtube

Get inspired to make your garden a wildlife haven, whatever its size! We met with wildlife gardeners Sally and Jane, who shared their top tips on how to bring your garden to life. Make sure to check out the Actions For Nature Hub for Jane's document on ways to make your garden more wildlife friendly!

Our Connection with Nature - Live Q+A with Mikael Chaudary, Natural England - Watch Back on Youtube

Chickens or Dickens with Bushra Abu-Helil - Watch back on Youtube

Festival of Nature Crew member James Hanson met with two very special guests. First up, he spoke to Mikael Chaudary about how connected to nature will we be in the modern, post-pandemic age? And, how do we create more inclusive and accessible spaces for engagement with the natural world?

James also also interviewed Bushra Abu-Helil about the interesting world of chicken poo... (and more serious subjects!) This is the first of a few videos from Bushra - so make sure to look out for more from her throughout the week with a new bird brained teaser every day!

Show and Tell Nature: Pocket Planet - Watch back on Youtube

The first of 8 special Show and Tell Nature Shows recorded earlier this month. In Pocket Planet our contestants competed to make the best terrarium – a pocket sized planet – in the time limit. Learn about some Planet Earth's most important cycles in miniature and vote for your favourite Pocket Planet at the end. Do try this at home!

The first two episodes of Actions For Nature Podcast were released - Listen on Spotify or Anchor.fm

In the first episode artist Lukus Robbins explains how he is exploring the world beneath our feet to answer questions about soil.

And in the second, we were joined by Tom Appleby of the Blue Marine Foundation to explore how the UK's exit from the European Union is leading to improved designations for our marine protected areas, and how environmental groups are pressing for similar measures to come in to force across other European nations.

Exploring Sydney Gardens - Watch back on Youtube

Nestled within the bustling city, Bath’s Sydney Gardens provides a welcome green retreat for people and wildlife. We chatted to Mali, who is helping people connect with nature in the park, and bird expert Lucy as we listen out for the locals!

A huge thank you to everyone who took part in this opening day to Festival of Nature and to all contributors who made it happen.

Remember if you were out and about today enjoying nature in the glorious weather - let us know by sharing your nature shots on social media and using the tag #InMyNature

We can't wait to see what tomorrow's celebrations bring!