Data Stories

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Monday 3 June, 10:30am-5:00pm, The Station, Silver St, Bristol, BS1 2AG

Data and evidence are powerful communications tools, enhancing or undermining conservation narratives depending on how they are framed and shared. How can we use data stories to inspire positive action for nature and what are the pitfalls and risks of misrepresenting the science and opening ourselves up to criticism?

Welcome to Data Stories, a one day workshop bringing together researchers and practitioners from the biological recording and citizen science community with communications professionals from across the spectrum of policy, conservation, media and research. Together we will explore the opportunities and challenges of using data to communicate about biodiversity issues as well as using communications techniques to support citizen science outcomes.

We have an interactive programme planned, utilising a diverse set of formats through the day to encourage active participation and engagement, whilst facilitating networking and discussion.


Participatory biological recording in the UK is a triumph of public contribution to our collective knowledge of the natural world. Devoted volunteers and enthusiasts generate vast databanks supporting environmental policy, research and practice with baseline data for thousands of native and non-native UK species.

As threats to UK wildlife mount, the need to grow the evidence base for effective conservation becomes increasingly vital. We need effective communications tools to be able to share this amazing energy and support an accessible, well informed citizen science culture. What key stories should we be telling to empower local communities in spaces on their doorsteps, and develop the practical skills among the existing and emerging army of volunteers, advocates and citizen scientists that will provide the evidence base and help shape the discussion going forward?


In partnership with the British Ecological Society