Take on a Wildlife Mission

Taking part in City Nature Challenge is easy. Simply download the free iNaturalist app and start uploading your wildlife photos. BUT for wildlife enthusiasts with a taste for adventure, why not take on a more intrepid wildlife mission during 24-27 April and help fill the gaps in our knowledge about local wildlife.

Download a mission brief from the list below and start planning your wildlife mission!


If you are feeling a little less adventurous, or pushed for time, try one of the scaled down mini missions that you can do from home, on the commute or on your lunch break. We’ll be firing out suggestions via social media on @festofnature and using the hashtag #CNCBristolBath.


To count towards the challenge photos must be taken between 24-27 April from within the four local authority boundaries that make up the West of England (Bristol, Bath & NE Somerset, South Gloucestershire, North Somerset) plus WWT Slimbridge Wetlands Centre. Any observations taken outside this window won’t add to our challenge score but will still be a hugely valuable contribution of data!

If you prefer you can also upload photos via the iNaturalist website or experienced naturalists may want to send paper-form, grid referenced records to be uploaded by our volunteers (get in touch at festival@bnhc.org.uk if this is you!).

The app features photo recognition to help you identify what you are looking at, as well as inviting you to join an online community of fellow wildlife enthusiasts to sense check each identification, so don’t worry if you aren’t sure exactly what you have found.


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