Beerteenna: Flourishing in St Pauls, Can you Give Back To Nature?

22nd June 2021

Written by Beerteenna from Flourishing in St Pauls

We believe that community enrichment is like a runner plant. You gently embed one healthy strawberry plant and before you know it a whole new cluster of thriving new  plants have sprung up!

Flourishing in St Pauls started out a year ago from one community plot which we reclaimed from its former life as a dumping space. A few people donated their old gardening tools, a few plants, and time. Before we knew it, more plots had been offered us -including at Malcolm X Secret Garden and at The Learning Centre. We planted thousands of daffodils and tulips and springtime in St Pauls was colourful, to say the least. But we are keen to have accessible spaces where great food is just there for the picking, and where people from all our rich communities in St Paul come together to share their gardening know-how, work side  by side  and honour the earth.'Beerteenna is one word in Somali meaning 'Our garden' . Let it grow.

We wish to continue planting happiness!! And we’re asking for your support! Can you help?

We need: 

- A variety of Summer bulbs and wild flower seeds Some flowing annual plants to continue brightening up areas in St. Pauls

- Specialist support for memorial planting of a variety of Black roses in Malcolm X Secret Garden.

- A New table and bench for Malcolm X Secret Garden elders.

- Strawberries baskets for Winkworth Place. Young people picking them as they go to school or on a summer holiday activity

- Support to manage and maintain green areas especially two of the great Seven Saints murals: Barbra Dettering and Roy Hacket.

- Red, yellow, green and black roses for Grosvenor Green Triangle

- A battery operated grass cutter

We must say thanks to multitude of residents and volunteers and young people who have given so graciously; as well as The Bristol Rainforest, Imayla, Friends of St. Pauls Luxuriance , Black Radikel Radical, St. Pauls Learning Centre, Malcolm X Community Centre and friends of St.Agnes Park 

A huge thank you to Beerteenna for writing this blog! You can contact Flourishing in St Pauls at