Actions for Nature

Celebrate and support nature with 4 simple rules of thumb for how you can make a difference and take action with the Festival of Nature


Generating Action for Nature

At Festival of Nature we are all about celebrating this beautiful, complex, awe inspiring natural world and the amazing people and organisations working tirelessly to keep it that way.

But nature is in trouble. As we change our landscape to meet our human needs in the short term, we run the risk of pushing out the wildlife that we love and the ecosystems that we ultimately depend on. That is why nature needs you! You have the power to help by taking action for nature and by lending your voice to help create a more nature friendly society.

Here are our 4 simple rules of thumb for how you can make a difference and take action for nature with some top tips and inspirational ideas from organisations that take part in Festival of Nature.


Reduce your personal impact on the natural world by cutting down waste and consumption

Every time that you avoid consuming something, you are taking positive action for nature, and we have all been guilty of occasionally taking a little more than we need. Every product you buy or activity you take part in draws some kind of resource from the natural world, big or small. So by taking small steps to reduce what you consume, you can make a big difference that seriously adds up over time. You might even save some money along the way!


Switch to more sustainable products and services, supporting a nature friendly economy

From food to travel and electricity to entertainment, we all need to consume products and services to live healthy, comfortable, modern lives and some of them we would find very hard to live without. By choosing to switch to alternative products and services that showcase their environmental credentials, you can reward those companies for their efforts and promote a more wildlife friendly economy.


Lend your voice to encourage policy makers, businesses and institutions to be more nature friendly

As citizens, constituents, consumers and voters we have a great deal of collective influence over the decision makers that provide the structure for society. Those with the power to influence large scale change follow the priorities of people like you, so let them know that nature is a big priority for you and thank those you see doing a good job!


Give nature a helping hand by volunteering, creating a space for nature or supporting a charity

Big or small we all have the power to make a direct contribution to supporting nature in our neighbourhoods. Gift your time as a volunteer or some space in your garden for wildlife, help monitor wildlife on your doorstep as a citizen scientist or gift a bit of cash to an organisation to take action for nature on your behalf.