Happy World Oceans Day! To celebrate we've lined up a packed day of watery themed content for you to join in with!

10:00 - Active in Lockdown: Exploring Bristol and the surrounding area during the COVID-19 pandemic. - Watch on Facebook | www.festivalofnature.org.uk | Youtube

Did you become more physically active during lockdown? If so, we want to hear from you. Active in Lockdown is interested in hearing and recording your stories of cycling, running, walking or any other form of human-powered mobility during lockdown. We want to hear of a variety of stories and experiences from those who became more active during the first period of lockdown as well as those who are now trying to remain active in the dark winter months of the pandemic.

11:00 - WWT Slimbridge - Watch on Facebook | www.festivalofnature.org.uk | Youtube

The Common Crane was lost to the UK for nearly 400 years. We’ll be chatting to the WWT Slimbridge Reserve Manager to find out how their conservation efforts have successfully reintroduced these magnificent birds.

11:30 - Chickens or Dickens - Watch on Facebook | www.festivalofnature.org.uk | Youtube

Is it a Dickens character or is it a breed of chicken? That's the question that Bushra Abu-Helil will asking you in this short Q&A. Bushra will be on hand everyday throughout the festival with a new bird brained teaser!

12:00 - Live with Libby Bowles, Sustainable Hive - Put your questions to Libby on Facebook or Youtube

Join Libby Bowles, a teacher and marine conservationist at Sustainable Hive CIC to hear all about their latest Treasure Your River campaign preventing river litter from reaching the ocean! During 5 years studying and protecting corals and endangered iconic species including manta rays and whale sharks, she has seen firsthand the effects of humans on the marine environment. Libby and Sustainable Hive have pledged to make a positive difference through education to create a global tribe of real-life game-changing superheroes

1:00 - WaterBlitz - Live Q&A with George Clark, Bristol Avon Rivers Trust - Put your questions to George on Facebook or Youtube

The Bristol Avon WaterBlitz is an annual event to collect as many water quality samples as possible from across the Bristol Avon Catchment. Join George Clark of Bristol Avon Rivers Trust to find out about this amazing project!

1:30 - Bristol Rainforest with Lydia Mulvaney - Watch on Facebook | www.festivalofnature.org.uk | Youtube

We go behind the scenes at Bristol Rainforest with Lydia Mulvaney to hear about her relationship with the natural world

2:00 - Little Changes with Tiffany Taylor - Watch on Youtube or www.festivalofnature.org.uk

Join Tiffany Taylor for an exploration of evolutionary biology at the University of Bath and hear about her children's books Little Changes and Little Letter

3:00 - How to build a bee hotel - Watch on www.festivalofnature.org.uk or Youtube

Join Matt Collis of Avon Wildlife Trust to learn how to make a bee hotel perfect for supporting pollinators in your garden

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4:00 - WWT on Blue Prescriptions -  Listen on Spotify | Anchor

Our natural world has an important part to play in preventing and treating ill health and we believe more people should have the opportunity to access these incredible natural environments where they live and work. In this we hear from Jonathan Reeves, Principal Researcher (Health & Wellbeing) at WWT to discuss the Blue Prescriptions project, a a nature-based form of social prescribing.

4:30 - Film How to make a drainpipe wetland - Watch on Youtube

Do you wish you had a pond, but don’t have the space? At WWT we have large wetland reserves, but it’s not only the large wetlands that have value for wildlife.

Check out other Actions for Nature in the Festival of Nature Actions Hub

5:00 - Actions for Nature Podcast: Choose Better - Listen on Spotify | Anchor

The first of four special podcast episodes - hear from experts and researchers on how to switch to more sustainable products and services, supporting a nature friendly economy.

5:30 - Bristol Rainforest with Zezere - Watch on Facebook | www.festivalofnature.org.uk | Youtube

We go behind the scenes at Bristol Rainforest with Zezere to hear about their relationship with the natural world

6:00 - Show and Tell Nature: Turf Wars - Watch on Facebook | www.festivalofnature.org.uk | Youtube

Is the grass always greener? We will be looking at the impact that fake grass is having on our gardens, ecosystems and entire planet. I bet you cannot guess how many plastic straws astro turf is equivalent too? time to come along and uncover the dirty secrets behind ‘clean grass’.

6:30 - Temple Tales: Midsummer Nature Nights // A Local Future - Book one of the last few spaces

This summer we head outdoors for three special blended broadcasts from Temple Church with Festival of Nature, Landscape Institute and English Heritage. Join us outdoors (limited tickets available) or online and bring nature into your home with this special Temple Tales: Midsummer Nature series.

In A Local Future we ask, what does localisation mean to you? How do we inspire change for the wellbeing of people and planet?

In celebration of World Localisation Day (20 June), we are joined by inspirational speakers from across the globe for a whistle-stop tour on localisation from Bristol, the Netherlands to Sri Lanka.