Join the UK’s largest free celebration of the natural world, taking place this year from 10th-18th June 2022.

Take a look at the Festival of Nature 2022 programme here.

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Festival of Nature returns June 10-18!

Festival of Nature 2022 will take place from Friday 10 to Saturday 18 June. We’re thrilled to be returning to live events, and together with our Natural History Consortium partners we’ve lined up a series of nature walks & talks, family activities, and wildlife workshops. After two years developing our digital offer, we’re also bringing you a series of interactive online events for anyone in the region – or far beyond!

This year’s Festival kicks off with a brand-new Action Day on Friday 10 June, and we’ll be working residents, businesses, schools, and community groups in the region to take positive action to help their local wildlife.

Booking is now open for the 90+ events across the week, the majority are free, and all paid events have a maximum price of £5.

Make sure you are following us at @festofnature for exciting programme announcements and sneak previews.

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Everyday Actions

At Festival of Nature we are all about celebrating this beautiful, complex, awe inspiring natural world and the amazing people and organisations working tirelessly to keep it that way.

That includes you! You might not know it but you are probably already doing things everyday that are great for nature and also great for you! From saving water to growing veg, and walking to school to reusing carrier bags.

Check out our Everyday Actions hub for a whole range of downloadable activities, materials, videos and links to help you connect with nature in your neighbourhood and discover how your everyday actions can help with nature’s recovery

take less
Reduce your personal impact on the natural world by cutting down waste and consumption

Every time that you skip buying or using something, you are taking positive action for nature, and we have all been guilty of occasionally taking a little more than we need. Every product you buy or activity you take part in takes some kind of resource from the natural world, big or small. So by taking small steps to reduce what you consume, you are making a big difference that seriously adds up over time. You might even save some money along the way!

choose better
Switch to more sustainable products and services, supporting a nature friendly economy

From food to travel and electricity to entertainment, we all need to consume products and services to live healthy, comfortable, modern lives and some of them we would find very hard to live without. By shopping local and choosing to switch to products and services that try hard to keep their impacts low, you are rewarding those companies for their efforts and promoting a more wildlife friendly economy – and it doesnt always have to cost the earth!

demand more
Lend your voice to encourage policy makers, businesses and institutions to be more nature friendly

As citizens, constituents, consumers and voters we have more influence than we know over the decision makers that provide the structure for society. People and organisations with the power to influence large scale change follow the priorities of people like you, so by letting them know that nature is a big priority for you and thanking those you see doing a good job, you can help drive positive change at a bigger scale!

Act Now
give back
Give nature a helping hand by volunteering, creating a space for nature or supporting a charity

Want to connect with nature in your neighbourhood, meet some new people or support nature more directly? Try gifting your time as a volunteer or some space in your garden for wildlife, helping monitor wildlife on your doorstep as a citizen scientist or gifting a bit of cash to an organisation to take action for nature on your behalf.

Act Now

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