Make Time Make Space Make Change

Festival of Nature is the largest UK event of its kind, bringing the natural world to life across the West of England. The Festival is a vibrant celebration of science, art and nature providing an amazing platform for visitors, contributors, volunteers and organisations to engage, learn and take positive action together.

This year we're asking festival visitors to make actions for nature, take a look at how you can help the natural world by clicking on the links below

Making Spaces

From bug hotels to bird boxes and ponds to plug plants see what you can create!

Make Time to Observe

Identify and record the wildlife that you see to help protect nature on your doorstep

Making a Commitment

Discover some of the incredible organisations making a difference for nature and opportunities to get involved

Making Time to Volunteer

Meet organisations with all kinds of volunteering opportunities and get advice on how to get involved in volunteering in a way that works for you

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Polyommatus icarus

Common Blue Butterfly


Amara similata

Ground Bettle


Vespula vulgaris

Common Wasp