European Research Showcase

A 48-hour continental showcase of research!

European Research Showcase took place in September 2023

We celebrated the work of over 60 researchers, from a wide range of research fields including creating a sustainable future through radical new transportation methods, understanding how Victorian history viewed disabilities, and the ways that virologists are working with communities to address bloodborne viruses.

Each day from 10am to 8pm BST, we showcased interviews, profiles and videos with researchers across the continent. From Scotland to Spain, Amsterdam to the Azores.

Watch all the content from the 2023 showcase on TwitterInstagram and TikTok.

If you are a researcher looking to get involved in future showcases, please contact the Global Science Show coordinator, Sam Langford, on

The European Research Showcase is part of INTERSECTIONS, an international collaboration funded by UKRI and we are looking for organisations and community leaders across Europe to help get your local communities involved.

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