EuroBioBlitz 2023

Take part in a BioBlitz across the whole of Europe!

A huge wildlife recording event taking place across the whole of Europe each Autumn. A chance for anyone and everyone to contribute to the study of Europe’s wildlife, helping to shape conservation efforts and support scientific research. EuroBioBlitz 2024 news coming soon!

What is a BioBlitz?

‘Bio’ means ‘life’ and ‘Blitz’ means ‘to do something quickly and intensively’. Together they make ‘BioBlitz’, a collaborative race against the clock to discover as many species of plants, animals and fungi as possible, within a set location, over a defined time period.

We can all help with nature’s recovery by helping fill in the gaps in what we know about the species on our doorstep. By recording nature nearby, everyone can support vital conservation research whilst connecting with nature and enjoying the outdoors.

What is EuroBioBlitz?

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EuroBioBlitz 2023 results
We’re pleased to announce that across Europe during the 48 hours of #EuroBioBlitz2023, 64,397 records of wildlife were made. These records were of 8,374 species and were recorded by 8,720 people. Wow!
To date, 32,637 of these records have been identified to “Research Grade” level – making this data of huge value to scientists and researchers, who can use the information you collected to help us get a better understanding of our natural world.
A huge thank you again to everyone who took part by recording wildlife, organising an event, or helping to identify wildlife on iNaturalist.

EuroBioBlitz 2024

We will soon be announcing the plans for EuroBioBlitz 2024. If you are interested  in finding out more, please fill in this form and we will be in touch soon!


Find us on iNaturalist

Join the EuroBioBlitz 2023 iNaturalist Project Page to connect with other users taking part in this year’s challenge and see the European map of our wildlife records over 29th – 30th September. If using the iNaturalist mobile app, you find the project by searching ‘EuroBioBlitz 2023’ on the projects page.

Don’t forget to tag us!

If you ran activities during EuroBioBlitz 2023, don’t forget to use #EuroBioBlitz and tag us in your social media posts at @BioBlitzUK (Twitter), @UKBioBlitz (Instagram) and The National BioBlitz Network (Facebook), so that we can showcase your efforts!

Visit the UK BioBlitz FacebookTwitter and Instagram pages to keep up to date with EuroBioBlitz news and to see events that are taking place.

The EuroBioBlitz is run by the Natural History Consortium (based in the West of England, UK), as part of INTERSECTIONS a project focused on supporting researchers across Europe.