Taking action for nature with Team Wilder

24th May 2022

A guest article from Sophie Bancroft, Team Wilder Communications & Engagement Officer, Avon Wildlife Trust

Empowering people is at the heart of our strategy at the Avon Wildlife Trust, to encourage 1 in 4 people to take action for nature. This includes making space for nature, campaigning for natures recovery and making decisions on an individual, community and organisational level to reduce and reverse our impact on the natural world.

I am proud to be the newly appointed Team Wilder Communications & Engagement Officer and will be applying my marketing and commercial background to encourage, enable and celebrate people taking action for nature.

There are many ways that organisations can take action for nature and I would love to hear from you, with a view to creating case studies to showcase organisations working towards the common goal of protecting our local wildlife habitats. Providing case studies will not only champion and celebrate companies leading the way, but also inspire and empower others to do so.

Some examples of businesses taking action for nature are:

  • Geneco have rewilded part of their site and documented this on video
  • Bristol Old Vic have planted wild flowers near their entrance, purchased from our Grow Wilder Nursery
  • Aviva recently took part in an employee engagement day at Grow Wilder, volunteering greatly appreciated time and hard work to make an immediate difference to the wildlife natural habitats on site, building teamwork and feeling the benefits of connecting with nature in the fresh air
  • Planning Inspectorate have help employee engagement days at Grow Wilder as well and have booked in for more.

Has your business taken on an unloved patch of grass? Or installed birdboxes and feeders? Perhaps your organisation has switched to sustainable working practices. I would love to hear what actions have been taken.

Actions taken at the workplace inspire self-led actions at home and in local communities. By working together for the common cause of tackling the ecological emergency, we aim to combine case studies, resources and toolkits to create Team Wilder content, aimed to create a social tipping point so that 1 in 4 people in Avon take action for nature. Watch this space for more information as relevant content is gathered.

Whatever action for nature you or your organisation has taken, I’d love to hear about it to help inspire others and start creating social reinforcement. I am interested in your journey, to help others learn from positive and negative experiences to save time, share knowledge and encourage meaningful action.

Share your experience by emailing sophie.bancroft@avonwildlifetrust.org.uk and I will send you a questionnaire to gather more details.

Together we will take meaningful steps to bring about the change we want, and the change nature needs.