Bristol’s Ecological network

12th August 2021

A One City Ecologcial Emergency action is to “An analysis of Bristol’s ecological networks to identify gaps and opportunities to enhance their functionality and resilience”

Supported with funding from Natural England and the council, a working group of One City partners commissioned Ecosulis to assess the state of ecological network mapping in Bristol and provide recommendations for modelling that could analyse the functionality and resilience of Bristol’s ecological network.

Ecological networks facilitate the movement of organisms between patchy habitats, thereby helping avoid local extinctions and enabling species to recover and spread from refuge areas.

In city environments, ecological connectivity has been severely comprised over the years. Rebuilding connectivity between more areas of improving habitats will enable nature to recover and emerge as symbol of a hopeful, vibrant, and sustainable way of urban living. In practical terms, this requires ecological network plans that integrate with local planning processes, identify opportunities for enhancing the biodiversity value existing green space, and coordinate the activities of nature groups.

Cover photo by Bristol Design