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Find out ways you can help tackle the Bristol Ecological Emergency through the opportunities below.

Help connect Bristol’s water projects

Please join us at one of our open sessions in October to map and connect water-themed projects across Bristol that benefit wildlife, as we work together on tackling Bristol’s Ecological Emergency. These in-person and online sessions are open to community groups, organisations, researchers, freelancers or content creators who are running or engaged in water projects to benefit wildlife.

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Collect biodiversity data for BRERC

Submit wildlife sightings to the Bristol Regional Environmental Records Centre for the West of England (BRERC) and contribute to biodiversity and geodiversity data for the area. Help monitor and discover species figures in the region through submitting your own recordings. You can also come organise the vital wildlife data at BRERC's offices in Blaise as a volunteer.

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Track your carbon footprint

Find out how you can reduce your personal carbon footprint with Bristol Climate Hub's quick quiz. Discover actions you can start today to help tackle the climate crisis and support your local environment. Get inspired by stories of individuals, families and community groups who have gone above and beyond to help the environment, are passionate about doing something for the planet, or are simply doing their bit in difficult circumstances.

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Become a BART Beacon

Bristol Avon Rivers Trust (BART) are seeking every day river heroes to help them protect and restore the rivers of the Bristol Avon. Over the years, the Beacons have helped BART build cases for river restoration, brought communities together to look after their natural spaces and responded quickly to major issues such as pollutions or habitat clearance. Sign up today to become a BART Beacon for your local river or stream.

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Festival of Nature

The Festival of Nature is the UK's largest celebration of the natural world, taking place in June each year. The festival offers the opportunity for individuals, families, community groups, businesses, organisations, schools and students to come together to take action for and learn about the natural world. Festival of Nature 2022 saw 100+ delivery partners working together to create opportunities for nature connection. The festival will be returning for its 20th anniversary in 2023 - watch this space!

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City Nature Challenge

Discover the wildlife on your doorstep through the international City Nature Challenge - returning Spring 2023. Join the epic, global citizen science project to collect information about nature. In 2022, UK cities collaborated with 450+ cities across the world to find and record as much wildlife as possible to help track how nature is bouncing back in spring!

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