Bristol’s water projects directory

28th October 2022

During the Autumn of 2022, a series of open sessions were hosted by the Natural History Consortium to map and connect water-themed projects across Bristol that benefit wildlife, as we work together on tackling Bristol’s Ecological Emergency.

These sessions were open to community groups, organisations, researchers, companies, freelancers and content creators who are running or engaged in water projects to benefit wildlife in and around Bristol. They were hosted both online and in-person.

The informal discussions had an emphasis on sharing information, mapping activity across the city, identifying opportunities for more partnership working, discussing challenges faced by water projects, and sharing any potential solutions.

The key result of the meetings was to form a directory of the water projects taking place for others to connect organisers and inform others how they get involved to help.

The organisations in the directory are supportive of one of the key goals of the One City Ecological Emergency Strategy: for 100% of Bristol’s waterways to have water quality that supports healthy wildlife by 2030. The directory can be updated to reflect the development of current projects, and to add new projects that support goals of the Ecological Emergency relating to improving Bristol’s waterways.