Alison Crowther

Alison Crowther, at MadeToLast, is a facilitator, trainer, and mentor, helping to solve problems and build resilience to environmental and social shocks, working with organisations, boards, stakeholders and publics.

Central to the development of stakeholder dialogue on environmental issues in the UK from the mid 90s, Alison has lived and worked in 4 continents, up high mountains and in wet jungles.  Since 2004 with Sciencewise, she has advised Government departments in using high quality public dialogue to create new policy on complex science and ethical issues such as bio-energy and flooding.

Creating lasting change in individuals and groups is Alison’s main aim – from street parties to art projects, using experts and scientists to deliberative workshops.  She has recently developed Difficult Conversations with Bristol University, a research and training project addressing intense life issues early and appropriately to prevent later trauma.

For enjoyment Alison grows some vegetables, one small human and dances with a samba band.

Alison’s session Environmental Conflict Resolution & Deliberative Democracy

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