Tom Richards

Tom is a co-organiser for Filmmakers For Future: Wildlife (FF:W).

Session: Are we being extractive? Learning to Decolonise our communications

Strand: Engaging people

Where: Online

When: 11:00 – 11:45, Wednesday 15th November 2023

Tom Richards is a co-organiser for Filmmakers For Future: Wildlife (FF:W), an international grassroots organisation set up to encourage collaboration in the global natural history filmmaking sector and help speed up the transition to a greener, more impactful and less extractive industry.

Created out of a growing sense among wildlife filmmakers that our sector could do better in the way the way we communicate the climate and biodiversity crises, FF:W facilitates a space for our community to connect, discuss, learn from and share resources with each other so that we can collectively improve the way we operate as an industry for the good of our planet.

Tom is also is a natural history field producer at Offspring Films, where he’s currently working on a new conservation series for Apple TV+, Endangered Planet.

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