State of Nature Report

The State of Nature Report 2016 pools data and expertise from more than 50 nature conservation and research organisations to give a cutting edge overview of the state of nature in the UK and in its seas, Crown Dependencies and Overseas Territories.

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The State of Nature Report, 2013, is a collaboration between 25 UK conservation and research organisations, please see the full report for detail. 

Download State of Nature 2013 in full

“This important document provides a stark warning: far more species are declining than increasing in the UK, including many of our most treasured species. Alarmingly, a large number of them are threatened with extinction. The causes are varied, but most are ultimately due to the way we are using our land and seas and their natural resources, often with little regard for the wildlife with which we share them. The impact on plants and animals has been profound.

Although this report highlights what we have lost, and what we are still losing, it also gives examples of how we – as individuals, organisations, governments – can work together to stop this loss, and bring back nature where it has been lost. These examples should give us hope and inspiration.” – Extract taken from foreword by Sir David Attenborough.