Simon Garrett

Simon Garrett is Head of Public Engagement at Bristol Zoological Society. He started off catching minnows in the Thames, and finding woodlice under bits of wood. Much, much later he gained a Biology degree at the University of Bristol and then secured a summer job at Bristol Zoo Gardens painting faces, doing animal encounters, writing and illustrating education packs, etc.

After leading an ecological study expedition to Venezuela’s Henri Pittier National Park, he secured a job as an Education Officer at Bristol Zoo Gardens. Now Head of the Conservation Learning Department (encompassing Education, Graphics, Rangers, Volunteers, Theming, Conservation Campaigns …) Simon is responsible for all matters to do with learning at Bristol Zoo Gardens and the Wild Place Project.

Simon has been an active participant in national, European and international conferences for the last 20+ years. He sits on the Steering Group of BNHC.

Simon’s particular interest is in harnessing the opportunity of face-to-face engagement with people (zoo visitors, schools, etc) to maximise the zoo’s impact in biodiversity conservation.

Simon’s sessions People Are Listening But What Is The Message and Making Waves and Building Movements

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