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£25 for a Individual Delegate pass? How is Communicate so inexpensive this year?

2020 has been an unexpected and exceptional year for the environmental communication sector. While some organisations have thrived, rapidly developed new programmes and digital skills; others are struggling to maintain stability and need to refresh communications and re-energise audiences. The Natural History Consortium has always run Communicate as a non-profit service to the sector, and thanks to our funders and supporters we have kept our physical conference passes (£275.00) the same price for 9 years running. This year, as we move to a virtual conference, we are working with our supporters to ensure accessibility for as many UK professionals as possible. Our thanks to everyone who has made it possible for us to offer delegate passes for £25.00 in this exceptional year for the sector.

£500.00 for an Organisation Pass? Does that mean I need to send at least 20 members of staff?

Well….you could! But it’s more than that. This is a special offer, just for 2020, for those who are delivering quality environmental communication projects in the UK, and want to use the conference to maximise skills development, learning and networking across their organisation. We’ll work with you to engage staff teams to build skills through the conference, including co-designing a bespoke pre-conference training session with you. We’ll help you design a “virtual expo” area to showcase your work, and you’ll have the opportunity to host it in real-time and maximise your networking. Want to know more? Get in touch with us at and we’ll help you decide if an Organisation Pass is right for you.

Which online programme will Communicate 2020 be run on and is it easy to use?

We’re excited to be using the event platform Hopin. This simple online system will enable you, the delegate, to watch live talks, exclusive pre-recorded content, interact with live sessions, network and join round table discussions – all without leaving your desk or house! Hopin is easy to use and we will be running ‘familiarisation’ sessions on how to use the programme prior to Communicate so that you can get the most out of the conference. Details of these sessions will be released sooner to the event.

Is there a minimum tech requirement to take part?

Like a lot of online video conferencing systems, Hopin requires a good internet connection. If you are able to use Zoom, Skype or Micrsoft Teams on your computer you will also be able to take part without any problems. In technical terms the Hopin team recommend that, as a delegate, you have at least a 10Mpbs upload/download speed to get the most out of your experience.

If Communicate has gone digital, will there be a physical event as well?

To support the safety and wellbeing of our delegates, staff and volunteers during the continued social distancing period we have decided to make Communicate a digital conference for the first year. Depending on what is happening later in 2020 there might be some live events which are run in conjunction with the main conference. If we are able to safely run these events we will announce details on our Communicate newsletter – so make sure you are signed up!

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