Day 2 – Brexit – Making Opportunities

2:00PM – 3:00PM
23rd October
Garden Room | Clifton Pavilion

As preparations for Britain’s departure from the European Union grind on, one certainty is that this landmark in time heralds significant political and social change. Using our knowledge of communication in times of change – is this the opportunity we’ve been waiting for?

This session discussed opportunities for driving positive change throughout this time of social and political uncertainty.

This session is supported by the Economic and Social Research Council


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Alex Raeder

Alex Raeder has worked for the National Trust in the South West of England since 1989. Alex qualified as a Rural Chartered Surveyor in 1991 and has been involved in all aspects of National Trust land and property management, originally primarily in Devon and Cornwall and since 2010 across the SW of England.  Throughout his career with the Trust Alex has always been very involved with issues relating to nature conservation and currently heads a team of land management conservation specialists that advice NT properties across Devon and Cornwall. More recently Alex has been made the Trusts Natural Environment lead in the Region and is currently helping to shape a nature and access Strategy for the SW Coast, building on the all the work the Trust has undertaken on the coast in terms of acquisition and management for nature over the last 50 years.  Alex lives in Devon, is passionate about the natural world and helping people to connect with nature.

Alex’s Session – Brexit – Making Opportunities

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Dr Thomas Appleby

Dr Thomas Appleby is an associate professor at UWE and trustee and head of legal affairs at the Blue Marine Foundation. He has been involved in some very high profile marine environmental legal cases and has worked in areas as diverse as small Scottish Islands, the UK’s overseas territories, the European and Union and the UN. All of these cases have involved a combination of legal work, political engagement and sensitive engagement with the broader public and the press.

Thomas’ Session -Brexit – Making Opportunities

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Shaaron Leverment

Shaaron Leverment is the Deputy CEO of the UK Association for Science and Discovery Centres, founding director of Explorer Dome and has over 20 years’ experience working in science engagement and education. Her recent focus of work for national and European programmes focusses on approaching greater diversity and inclusion through the framework of participatory practice and embedded organisational change.

Shaaron’s Session – Brexit – Making Opportunities

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