Communicate beyond COP26 – The Conversations

What will we learn from COP26, and how will the UK’s environmental communication community translate international declarations into local action, and national programmes? On January 19th we’ll be bringing communication professionals from across the country for a series of roundtable conversations on 6 key topics:

  • Putting nature at the heart of climate change communication
  • Learning from COP26 about better partnerships with young people
  • Engaging people with trees, woodlands and deforestation
  • Transparency, accountability, and avoiding greenwashing
  • Breakthrough communication techniques and campaigns from COP
  • From international declarations to local action

Our six conversations will be captured and shared with the Communicate community in a series of bite-size reflection papers, audio resources and toolkits.

If you’d like to nominate someone to take part in The Conversations, please contact as soon as possible.

Our next ticketed Communicate Event will be on November 15-16, 2022. Please head to as speakers and themes are announced throughout the year.