Changing Minds: Water Stories

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Changing Minds: Water Stories


Communicate brings together environmental communicators from across the UK to discuss, debate and share best practice in environmental communications. Our “Changing Minds” series of masterclass events look in-depth at key issues and techniques, leading to our main national conference each autumn. (

What are the challenges – and the opportunities – in crafting effective messages for stakeholder and public audiences around water? Join us for this half-day masterclass as we:

  • Bring together a wide group of environmental professionals to discuss and debate approaches to communicating the value of water to public audiences, including review of current audience research, current campaigns, use of communication channels
  • Use the Bristol Avon Catchment area as a case study, exploring ideas that can implemented or scaled-up nationally
  • Create connections between organisations attending through networking and structured discussion in order to facilitate further research or partnership work
  • Inform upcoming campaigns through discussion at the event, and share the findings widely through post-event material


Some of the key issues we will look at from a communications frame:

  1. Too much water (i.e. flooding)
  2. Too little water (flow, dilution, farming, drought/dry water)
  3. Too dirty water (pollution, diffuse and acute)
  4. Too unwelcoming water (recreation, amenities)
  5. Too hot / cold water (species realignment / loss / gain, flood, drought)