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In need of some environmental communication inspiration? Explore our video playlists and take a look at the presentations from previous Communicate conferences, with highlights including keynote speeches from Sir David Attenborough, Dame Fiona Reynolds and Jonathon Porritt

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Changing Minds: Beyond Plastics -2018

Environmental communication is in the spotlight as ocean and marine plastics are front and centre in public consciousness like never before. What has driven this global phenomenon – can it really just be Blue Planet 2? And most urgently, how can we now tackle the other major issues facing our water sources, and turn the spotlight on plastics campaigns into a tidal wave of other important environmental behaviours?

Presentations slides and resources from the conference

2017: Navigating Change

In a time of unprecedented social, economic and political change we urgently need proactive tools for successfully communicating environmental issues. Communicate went straight to the interface and asked some difficult questions about current approaches as we explored a shifting landscape of echo-chambers, divisive opinions and fake news.

150 delegates came together to discuss, debate, and built vital communications toolkits for the coming year over two days of inspiring content, cutting edge research, practical workshops and engaging discussion.


Changing Minds: Tools from Behavioural Science – 2017

Understanding how people think, feel and respond to information is vital to successfully communicating environmental issues and influencing positive change. Expert researchers and communications practitioners brought together a diverse range of perspectives, using behavioural sciences to explore and influence a shifting landscape of echo-chambers, divisive opinions and fake news.

2016: Swapping Spectacles

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State of the Sector Sessions

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2015: Challenging Partnerships

2014: Changing Stories

2013: Stories for Change

2012: Breaking Boundaries

2011: Nature, People, Economics

2010: Connecting with Nature

2009: Valuing the Invaluable

2008: Messages for Change