Day 2 – 2020: The Biggest Problem and The Biggest Opportunity

9:30AM – 10:15AM
24th October
Lecture Hall | Clifton Pavilion

In 2014 Silverback Films, Netflix and WWF began a project that had the ambition to show a billion people the richness we still have in the natural world and reveal the key issues that threaten these environments and the many solutions to the problems. This ‘Our Planet’ project is based around a landmark natural history series, while also having a multimedia ‘Halo’ which will inform and guide audiences through the issues and the solutions.  The plan is to show that there is a positive way forward to the biodiversity crisis, if we choose to take it. The project is timed to bring the greatest attention to the natural world in the lead up to the 2020 UN Biodiversity conference in Beijing to bring about meaning full change.

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