The results are in!

10th May 2021

The international organisers of City Nature Challenge (The Natural History Museum Los Angeles County and California Academy of Sciences) have announced the final results for City Nature Challenge. Here’s a few of the stats from across the globe and specifically in the UK…

- An amazing 422 cities from across the world took part in the global City Nature Challenge this year. This included the 14 cities in the UK

- Across the world 1,270,767 records were submitted of 45,300+ different species (including more than 2,100 rare/endangered/threatened species) by 52,777 people!

Although this year the Challenge wasn’t a competition we’re thrilled that so many UK City regions were so high up in the global score board including:

- 3 UK cities were in the top 10% of regions from across the world for records submitted (Birmingham & Black Country, Liverpool City Region and Bristol & Bath)

- Brighton and Eastern Downs were the only UK city that made the top 50 regions for the number of species recorded with an amazing 1070 different ones recorded!

- The Bristol & Bath region and London were in the top 40 city regions for the number participants

So what were some of the finds?

- The top 5 most recorded species were: Wood Pigeon, Garlic Mustard, Blackbird, Cow Parsley, and Lesser Celandine

- An incredible 157 different species of birds, 1,555 different species of plants, 715 different insects, and 49 different species of mammals were recorded! (You can take a look at the full breakdown of taxonomic groups here)

- Three of the most amazing finds include: a Spoonbill, and a Whinchat (both very rare and spotted in the Liverpool City region) and a Green veined orchid seen in London!

And finally across the whole of the UK:

- 62,260 observations of...

- 3,103 different species were submitted by

- 3,245 amazing people!

You can take a look at the final UK City Nature Challenge map on iNaturalist and see what other things were found across the Challenge.

A huge well done to everyone who took part in this year's City Nature Challenge - we can't wait to see what the UK discovers during next year's Challenge!

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The international City Nature Challenge is organised by The Natural History Museum Los Angeles County and California Academy of Sciences if you would like to organise for your city region to take part in City Nature Challenge 2022 you can register your interest here