(Just over) 24 hours to go!

2nd May 2021

We're approaching the final day of City Nature Challenge 2021, so let's look at where we are so far:

  • Observations

Over the past 3 days 35,181 wildlife records have been uploaded to iNaturalist across the UK. This is quite literally AMAZING! Looking at the map below, it's great to see that records have come in from across the whole of the United Kingdom - unsurprisingly, the biggest pockets of observations have come in from the city regions taking part in the international challenge. You can see the full list of these city regions here.

  • Species

2,306 different species have been recorded across the country from the common to the less seen (a huge jump of 500 since yesterday evening!) - you can see the full list by here

  • Observers

A truly impressive 2,608 people have taken part in City Nature Challenge 2021 in the UK! With one day left to go we need you to encourage friends, flatmates and family to download iNaturalist and record local wildlife - let's see if we can get to 3,000 before the end of the day tomorrow!

Take a look at all the records that have been uploaded to iNaturalist in the UK across the City Nature Challenge weekend here.

What's the best thing you found today during City Nature Challenge? Let us know on social media by using the hashtag #CNCUK

City Nature Challenge finishes tomorrow (Monday 3rd May), if you would like to take part simply download the iNaturalist app to your smartphone or tablet device (or use the desktop version) and record the nature you see!