Join the DataBlitz

5th May 2021


The recording part of City Nature Challenge might be over and now it is time to sort through all the data that has been submitted and verify the records that have been made over the bank holiday weekend.

To make all the photos uploaded count towards conservation efforts here in the UK, we need help identifying the species people have been finding. Join us across social media by following the hashtag #DataBlitz or put your questions to wildlife experts on one of the hourly live streams on the UK BioBlitz Facebook page.

13:00 – Flies – Erica McAlister - Natural History Museum

14:00 – Beetles – Katy Potts – Natural History Museum

15:00 – Frogs and Toads – Rebecca Wallbank – Froglife

16:00 – Birds – Julian Hughes – RSPB Cymru

17:00 – Slugs and snails – Imogen Cavadino - Royal Horticultural Society

18:00 – Invertebrates – Duncan Sivell – Natural History Museum

You don’t have to be an expert to help ID – just log in to the iNaturalist UK project and help with these tasks:


Find photos of “unknown” and give them a coarse ID like “plants” or “beetles” or “fungi” – this will help those folks who do know how to ID down to the species level find those observations. If you can improve on or agree the current ID then great! Check out this short video on how to use the Identify Page on iNaturalist


From goldfish to garden roses, mark anything that looks captive/cultivated as such


Add any interesting finds to the UK highlights spreadsheet to be included in the post event press release.

The City Nature Challenge UK DataBlitz is taking place on Thursday 6th May between 1pm - 6pm. You can join in by following the hashtag #DataBlitz or putting your questions to experts on one of the live streams on the UK BioBlitz Facebook page.